2022 Passion Play

Please Accept Our Personal Invitation To Join Us
on a Reformation Tour Culminating in the
Historic Oberammergau Passion Play in
Oberammergau Germany!

(This trip was previously scheduled for 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic)

Inclusive Dates
July 15-24, 2022

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Performed May through October only once every decade, in the tiny village where it began, the Passion Play in Oberammergau presents a unique opportunity to peer through the lens of history not only all the way back to first century Jerusalem, but also to seventeenth century Germany.  Jenny and I invite you to immerse yourself in the moving experience of the Passion Play, walk the streets of Oberammergau, taste the culinary delights of German cuisine, and sleep and awaken in a quaint Bavarian inn with the sounds of the village caressing you to sleep and then calling you to a new day.

The Passion Play of Oberammergau, a once in a decade, indeed a “once in a lifetime” experience, will culminate a wonderful 10 day journey through times and places  that figured prominently in the Protestant Reformation.  Our tour will wind through the places significant in the life of the defiant firebrand Martin Luther, who stood up to the corruption of the established church and set in motion events that turned the world upside down and changed forever our understanding of the marvelous grace of God.

Our trip scheduled, for July 15, 2022, will wind its way also through modern times through events significant to both World War II and  the Cold War as we visit the Bonhoeffer museum and that infamous crossing in the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie.

Time does not allow us to list all the things that we will see and experience!   For a fuller picture of this exciting opportunity, we encourage you to browse the brochure for our plans on this trip, email or call us with any and all questions you may have.  Please email us at:  John: jwdaniel@me.com  or Jenny: jennysew3@gmail.com.

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