For the last 6 years I have enjoyed turning wood. Since it is a signifiant interest of mine I thought I would share some of the things I have turned. These items are not here to boast, but simply to share.

This page is under development. Stay tuned.

Lemon wood with fluted top.  6" bowl.
Lemmon wood, 6″ bowl with fluted top
Red Oak, barrel style bowl
Pear wood, with natural bark inclusion.

Pear wood, lower bark inclusion

Pear wood with bark natural edge and inclusion
Red Oak, formal style with center fan

Christmas fun! Angels with halo’s, Christmas trees in back from southern gum tree

Christmas tree with limb base – illusion of tree growing out of base

Red Oak bowl
Cedar serving plate (really smells nice!)
Boxes on the lathe – tops fit securely
Walnut boxes!
Fantasy Box for St. Patricks Day